Julie Rivers



 A bouquet of melodies...riding on meadow breezes with undulating piano runs...all touched by the sun...bright warmth!  --- New Age Retailer 

Contemplative keyboard melodies dance...Seems to speak of a new day and renewal. ---The Rebecca Review.com

Well schooled, well-skilled. --- Kansas City Star

Her performance had authority, singing tone, poise, fluent technique, fiery virtuosity...made the stars twinkle with cascades of dazzling arpeggio passages thrilling in brilliance.  Quite a triumph! --- Fort Worth Star Telegram

Pianist Julie Rivers is an incredible find! Classy as well as classic, "One Starry Night" will beg to be listened to over and over. --- Kathy Parsons, mainlypiano.com

One of the freshest most enthusiastic entertainers on the circuit today! -Knife and Fork Clubs 

 Undeniably successful! ---The Topeka Capital Journal

She pulled celestial beauty into the earthly atmosphere. --- Scott County Record    



The music I write is inspired by the passion I feel for life, for each new day and for the Earth's beauty.  I hope listening to  these pieces brings joy into your life.---Julie Rivers 

And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare  feet, and the winds long to play with your hair.  --- Kahlil Gibran

 God, I can push the grass apart / And lay my finger on Thy  heart. --- Edna St.Vincent Millay   

 Sometimes I go about pitying myself , and all the while I am being carried across the sky by beautiful clouds. ---Ojibway Indian saying

In beauty, I walk.  In the direction of the rising sun, I walk. To the direction traveling with the sun, I walk.  In beauty, I walk.  All around me my land is beauty.  In beauty, I walk. --- Navajo (Yebechi) chant


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